"Boat Ramp #2" - Landscape Art

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About the image:

"Boat Ramp 2. is an open-edition image.  " It's interesting to know that this image is an open edition, meaning it is not limited to a specific number of prints.

The fact that the image was captured at the banks of the St. John River near Christmas, Florida, suggests a connection to the natural beauty of the area. Boat ramps often serve as points of access to bodies of water, allowing people to launch their boats and engage in recreational activities such as fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the river's surroundings.

The St. John River is the longest river in Florida, known for its diverse wildlife and scenic landscapes. Its banks can offer serene and picturesque views, providing ample opportunities for photographers to capture captivating images.

As an open-edition image, it allows for wider availability, giving more people the opportunity to appreciate and acquire the photograph. It also means that the image can be reproduced and shared without limitations.

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