"Door Bell" - Minimalist Art

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About the image:

Door Bell is an open edition of the image.

The image of a doorbell can symbolize the intersection of technology and our daily lives. Doorbells have evolved over time, from simple mechanical chimes to modern wireless or smart doorbell systems that offer advanced features such as video monitoring and remote access.

My curiosity about how doorbells will sound in my home reflects the impact of technology on our living spaces. The advancements in doorbell technology have provided convenience, security, and new possibilities for communication and interaction.

As an open edition image, "Door Bell" offers accessibility, allowing more people to appreciate and connect with the photograph's subject matter. It serves as a visual reminder of how technology has become an integral part of our lives and has transformed even the simplest aspects, such as a doorbell.

Before you order

As metal print demand has grown, I only offer 7”X10” traditional prints directly from the website with a 11X14 white mat. If you prefer larger traditional print not offered on the website please contact me for pricing via text at 773-315-6842. All prints take at least 2 weeks turnaround time.

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