The process

Capturing the image and choosing what to show:

I learned to photograph by capturing any image that inspires emotion in me and hopefully in the collector. The process can be one image a week or 100 per week. At the end of the year, I’ll have 20 images for a gallery show. The group of images for a gallery is a story that creates emotion for the viewer. From those 20 images, I use 4 as part of my 20-piece portfolio. The portfolio is completed in 5 years. Year six and onward I see my work evolve and grow. The process is a constant evaluation and growth. My vision is based on personal experience. The subject and time of day  influences my choices. The early morning allows me to capture landscapes. Mid-day I envision images with a lot of detail.

While late in the day I feel more serene and I focus on photographing people. This path allowed me to create 6 portfolios. Reflecting on my current images, I see water as a source of life showing who we really are as it reflects, like a mirror, back to us.

Making the image is the first part. The image needs to be printed which is often a personal and artistic decision by the photographer. There is a large debate among photographers about how images should be printed. I’ve experienced many facets of printing including; black and white and color film in a wet lab, non-silver printing processes like Cyanotypes, Van Dyke Brown, and others. I’ve used a variety of cameras too; pinhole cameras, film cameras from 35mm to 8X10 and currently a digital camera. While I don’t use many advanced Photoshop techniques, they are a tool I can draw from if needed. Always exploring my artistic options, I’ve started to appreciate focus stacking and exposure stacking. Staying true to my photographic eye, I let the image guide me.

Metal printing is appealing because it enhances my style given my play with perspective. Since the images can be delivered directly to the customers desired location, it’s also collector friendly. Depending upon how the image speaks to me, I’ll choose either a high gloss or satin finish to complete the process.

What’s most important to me, is the emotion created by the image. This is what I hope, I bring to you in your home.