Art Installation and Picture Hanging

 Art installation takes a real artist. Oscar is a fine art photographer with over 15 years of experience, framing, selling and hanging his own work and others. Over the years his clients have reached out to him to help them with other art work. To help them design their wall and make the most of it with his unique artistic eye. . .

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Contact Oscar via text or call at 773-315-6842 or email Oscar at to set an appointment.

Fine Art Photography

Oscar Matos Linares the fine art photographer (artist)

Oscar grew up in Puerto Rico, an hour’s drive from the El Yunque National Forest Reserve, the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System, known for rare trees, lush flora and fauna.

While working on his Bachelor's of Arts in Mathematics in 1987, “my father gave me my first camera to take on my weekend camping trips into the National Forests”. This led him to a formal study of photography, taking classes at the university, then working independently with a professor who had an apprentice approach: “I learned by doing”. After two years of creating 100 images a week, studying the pantheon of photographer’s work, countless hours of time behind the lens, he had developed his “eye”: the world that he sees through the lens, and shares in photographic form to his audience.


When Oscar start working on a new photo collection is initially inspired by emotions and life events. Each series prompted a reaction to various solutions to those life events. "What inspires me may elicit something special to each one of my collectors". In time, Oscar have learned that my ultimate goal is to create art that relaxes and calms my collectors and in the end, makes them think. This all encompasses something an old friend told Oscar a long time ago, “We buy art to feed our souls”.