Flowers Collection (Delicates 2)

Flower Art Collection

The Flowers Series, part of the Delicates Suite #2, explores adding color to the previous Delicates series. I aimed to introduce vibrant hues while also striving for a three-dimensional appearance in the images.

In the first year of this endeavor, I focused on capturing all-white flowers. This deliberate choice likely allowed for an exploration of light, shadow, and texture in a monochromatic palette, highlighting the delicate beauty of these blooms. The use of film and digital cameras, along with an emphasis on natural light, suggests a careful and considered approach to capturing the essence of the flowers.

In the subsequent year, Linares took a different approach by consciously incorporating color into the series. This could have involved a variety of flowers in vibrant hues, bringing a new dimension to the collection. Alongside the pursuit of color, I also aimed to create images with a more three-dimensional quality. This might involve techniques such as careful composition, depth of field, or the interplay of light and shadow to enhance the sense of depth and visual impact.

The final development of the images on both photo paper and metal suggests Linares' commitment to presenting the series in a unique and striking manner. By using different mediums for the final presentation, I offer viewers a range of textures and finishes, potentially enhancing the overall visual experience.

In summary, the Flowers Series of the Delicates Suite #2  showcases a progression from all-white flowers to incorporating color while seeking a three-dimensional aesthetic. The use of film and digital cameras, natural light, and a careful composition process, along with the choice of photo paper and metal as final mediums, likely contributes to a visually captivating and evocative series of floral images.