A Journey with Photography

A Journey with Photography

It is fascinating to see how my personal experiences and emotions have influenced my artistic expression over time. 

I was asked to talk about my fine art photography and art shows to a set of students in Iowa. One of the topics was why I take pictures, not the technique. While I am doing art shows the focus is technique because it is believed that your work should convey a message. I do not know if my current images convey a message or can tell a story in principle that is not fine art or at least what I was taught. 

I go out to take pictures for the joy and forget about my daily life. The question is what I am running away from?

In my first stage, with my image called, My Dream, I started taking pictures of the bottom of the river. Most of the images are relatively happy but the question is why I take pictures of the bottom of the river. Looking back, I realized that I was in a depression stage in my life. I was trying to move from my divorce and learn to live alone again and adjust to spending the entire day alone. I think I felt I was droning on each day even though everything around me looked positive.

In the second stage, my image is called, Lakeshore, I started to photograph reflections on surfaces and debris in the water. I believe in this stage I moved away from my depression. Even when I was struggling between positive and negative I could see more positive than negative. The focus in my mind was to build my confidence again. 

In the third stage, my image is called, Out of the Blue, I find myself photographing images and isolating them in vast space. Maybe it is just a reflection on how I had built some confidence but still feel the loneliness in my life. Lately, I have been asked by clients that I have done installations for, why I am still single. I usually attribute this to my insane art show schedule. The truth is I still feel some insecurity and that is not attractive to any woman. I also feel that I am walking fine rope and I constantly need to remind myself that this feeling is the same as any self-employed person has. The reality I can count on is the minimum per hour I get from booked art installation jobs and the hope of doing well at the next art show.

I think I am in the final stage. I am capturing images that are reflective of moving forward with my life and choices. I have come to understand that I am happy even when I am alone. Spending time with love is more special when you can share special moments with them. Relationships get stronger when a partner goes through hard times, but you need to remember that you should be there for that person when they are going through tough times. I have a set of friends who have helped me in the past and hopefully, I will return the favor someday. 

In a way, my photography becomes a form of therapy, a means of processing my emotions and finding solace amidst life’s challenges. As I continue to evolve both personally and artistically, my work will likely continue to reflect those changes, serving as a testament to my journey and offering inspiration and connection to others who may be going through similar experiences.

So, while my focus may have been on technique during art shows, it’s clear that my photography is about much more than the technical aspects. It’s about storytelling, capturing the essence of my experiences and emotions, and sharing that journey with others in a way that is both intimate and universal.