Picture Hanging and Art Installation Services


Linares Fine Art offers the following art hanging services: picture hanging (hanging frames on plaster walls, hanging frames on drywall, hanging frames on brick, security hanging, for picture frames, custom frames, and more!), and art installations for galleries, special events, and for fine art. 

My Experience

I began art installations working at the Merrill Chase Gallery, for whom I worked with for two years. After moving on from Merrill Chase Gallery, I continued professional art installations and picture hanging at The Great Frame Up, a partner I've worked with for over a decade.

This professional background and further experience gave me the foundations necessary to do proper layout, piece placement. Such on-the-job training has instilled in me a strong sense of design and allowed me to develop a rapport with the clients and designers which gives them their voice in the design process, ensuring my clients are completely satisfied. 

My Approach

My approach (residential or commercial), is to ensure the clients are completely satisfied. Regardless of the size of the job, or time of day the job needs to be done, I will work as quickly as possible, with a strong emphasis on focus and delivering quality work. You can find several reviews from satisfied clients on, Thumbtack, Task Rabbit, Yelp and Google.

My Fees

My service fee is $75.00 per hour for jobs within a 75-mile radius of Chicago. There is an additional $75.00 traveling fee for jobs outside of the 75-mile radius. The radius includes as far northwest Indiana, west goes as far as Aurora IL and as north as southern Kenosha. You can reach me directly at 773-315-6842 (texting preferred).

I look forward to servicing your picture hanging and art installation needs.

About Linares Fine Art

Our goal is to complete every picture hanging or art installation job as quickly but efficiently as we can. To maintain this level of speed and efficiency, we request that our clients provide detailed information regarding the following:


  • Do you have furniture in spaces where the picture frames or artwork will hang?
  • Is the furniture easily movable or will you allow us to stand on the furniture in order to hang the artwork if necessary?
  • Do you know the height for which you want the picture or artwork hung?  
  • Will the artwork be centered or will there be outlets, doors, light switches or windows that should be avoided? 
  • has consideration been given to the clearance from the mantle, coach, ceiling, fireplace, etc?
  • Are your windows rated to block UV rays from sunlight?
  • Have you considered the placement of air vents or water pipes relative to the placement of your artwork or pictures?



Type of Wall 

Understanding the surface for which the picture with be hung is crucial to securing works of art to walls. Ensuring we have the proper installation equipment is critical to delivering the safest method of installation to protect your artwork and pictures. 




Size of Frame

Frames larger than 32in by 40in (32X40) with glass as the glazing, will not use the existing wire. Larger frames require more support and in most cases, we will have to drill into the wall. We do not provide specialty hardware with me so please be sure to communicate and special requirements before our arrival. If specialty hardware is required and not provided by the client, we will bill for the hours worked procuring the items.




Gallery Wall or Multiple Pieces

Our principal focus is to create a proper layout that will work on the wall. To ensure our hanging and installation is to the expectation of the client we require the following information:

  • What is your grouping preference?
  • Do you want the look of a gallery?
  • Would you prefer grouping by subject matter? 
  • By color?
Please provide some insight in your desired arrangement prior to our arrival so we can see what best recommend a solution.




Staircases (10 feet or higher)

We do hang works over staircase walls but our limit is between 13 to 16 feet from the lowest step point of an A-frame ladder or 10 feet from the highest step (Center of piece 3 steps down is the lowest point and 3 steps up are the highest point). If the piece is high off the ground (10 feet is bottom of the art) and wider than 40 inches you will be responsible to acquire the equipment to complete the hanging or installation. 



Security Hangers

Security hangers are normally used to hang work in a public space where liability is a concern. This is specialty hardware that is attainable from most framers. This hardware will lock the piece of hardware to the wall and can only be removed with a unique key. This is the only hardware that I use when I am doing commercial space. So many of the interior designers that I collaborate with on commercial spaces have always used this type of hanging system.