Picture Hanging and Art Installation Services

Currently,  the only service that I provide is a picture hanging/art installation.


My experience

I began art installations working at the Merrill Chase Gallery, which I work for two years. I continued this work The Great Frame Up where I work over 10 years.

This professional background and further experience gave me the foundations necessary to do proper layout, piece placement. Such on-the-job training has instilled in me a strong sense of design and allowed me to develop a rapport with the clients and designers which gives them their voice in the design process


How do I approach

As an independent consultant, my work comes from customer referrals as well as apps (Thumbtack, Task Rabbit, Yelp and others) where you can see customers reviews.

My approach (residential or commercial) is, therefore, to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. Regardless of the size of the job, or time of day the job needs to be done, I work as quickly as possible, always with the focus on doing top quality work.


My Fees

My service fee is 75.00 per hour. There an additional $75.00 traveling fee outside 50 miles radius from my home base. The radius includes as far northwest Indiana, west goes as far as Aurora IL and as north as southern Kenosha. You can reach via text at 773-315-6842.

Looking forward to helping you.


Fun fact

When I started I was told that I will only need a pencil, measuring tape and picture hooks. That had been the biggest lie that was told as professional picture hanger and art installer.


Detail of my services

Like I indicate above my goal is do the job as fast as I can but to reach my goal there some things you should have an idea when I show up to your location to help you with your project and deeply appreciate if the information is passed ahead of time, including the number of pieces to hang.



  • do you have all the furniture space where you are hanging artwork?
  • if you all the furniture can it be move or can I stand on them in order for me to hang our artwork if need?
  • do you know what high you want your work throughout the home place at?
  • are we centering all the pieces in the wall regardless of outlets, doors, etc?
  • are you consider how much clearance from the mantle, coach, ceiling, fireplace, etc?
  • are you window treated to block UV rays?
  • are we using an outside?
  • are you aware where the air vent, electric, water pipes, etc?




Type of wall.

Depending on the type of wall your home have will define how long I will be there. The less time consuming is drywall and the longest concrete. Why I ask this question is because each type of wall uses different hardware and equipment.





 Weight of the framed piece

I always ask and then double check how heavy the piece it is. Any piece that weight as much as 5 to 7 years kid could be a problem. My experience had shown that most of the times I won't hit the studs in the wall one desire spot.


Size of frame

Anything bigger than 32X40 inside dimensions that use glass I won’t use the wire provide or add a wire. I will use two points of hanging which imply I most likely need to drill into your wall. If you have a big and piece make certain you have framer provide you with the proper hardware. I do not keep specialty hardware with so please make certain to communicate with before I show up if you do not see a normal way to hang art. If I need to step out to get a specialty item I all be on the clock.




Gallery wall or multiple pieces

The principal focus to create a proper layout that will work on the wall. I will happy to help you design the spacing and layout but once again I am in the clock so the closer you have to your final design the better will for both of us.




Staircase and 10 feet above 

Currently, I hang the staircase walls but my limit high is between 13 to 16 feet from the lowest step point or 8 feet from the highest step. If the piece lower point of the art from the ground is 10 feet and wider 40 inches you will be responsible to acquire the equipment to reach that high. At this point, I do not have enough request to invest in the equipment.




Security Hangers

Security hangers are normally used to hang work in a public space where liability is a concern. This is specialty hardware that the framer should provide to the art buyer. The hardware will lock the piece of hardware to wall and only can be removed with a special

key. This is the only hardware that will use when I am doing commercial space. Many of the interior designers that I work for commercial spaces had always use this type of hanging system.