Street Photography "People" (Discovery and Heritage)

Street Art Collection

The Discovery and Heritage Series by Oscar Matos Linares is a `collection that captures the essence of people in the streets, representing both the current and past times in our society. Street photography, being your biggest passion and default topic, serves as a medium to document the human experience and reflect the diverse fabric of society.

It's interesting to note that I temporarily moved away from this topic but felt a renewed desire to dive back into it after the presidency of Donald Trump. This suggests that the series may encompass a response to social and political changes, documenting and reflecting the evolving socio-cultural landscape.

The use of both film and digital cameras in producing the images allows for a range of creative possibilities and techniques, while the emphasis on natural light and composition ensures that the photographs capture genuine and authentic moments. By focusing on these elements, I likely create visually compelling images that evoke emotions and tell stories about the people and their surroundings.

The Discovery and Heritage Series presents an opportunity to document and explore the human experience in the streets, reflecting the diversity, culture, and historical context of society. Through my street photography, I have the chance to highlight the stories, struggles, and triumphs of individuals, capturing a timeless and significant aspect of our shared heritage.

In summary, the Discovery and Heritage Series represents a return to my passion for street photography and a desire to document the current and past times in our society. By employing film and digital cameras, natural light, and composition, I capture authentic and evocative moments of the people in the streets. The development of the images on photo paper adds a  touch of artistry and permanence. This limited edition collection serves as a testament to the human experience and the diverse heritage we all share.