A parent influence

A parent influence

My art has a starting point which I recognize is influenced by my mom having a role in shaping my life, work ethic and art. Drawing inspiration from her journey and the lessons she taught me can motivate my own artistic endeavors and life.

It's clear that my mom faced significant challenges and obstacles throughout her life, particularly in terms of societal expectations and familial conflicts. As a single mother, she prioritizes providing for her children and managing daily responsibilities, leaving little time or energy for self-care and building a support network.

I recognize that each person's circumstances and resources are distinct, and it's not always easy to establish a support system, especially when facing financial or geographical limitations. My mom's decision to focus on giving my sister and me a better life took precedence over her own needs at the time.

Reflecting on my mom's journey provides valuable insights into the challenges she faced and the sacrifices she made for her family. There is an understandable reason for wondering why certain choices were not made or opportunities were not taken advantage of. However, it's also crucial to approach this reflection with empathy and understanding. As I compare my own life to my mom's experiences, it's essential to appreciate the lessons she taught me through her resilience, determination, and self-worth. By acknowledging her efforts and sacrifices, I can find inspiration in her journey. I strive to create a fulfilling life for myself while prioritizing my own well-being. I need to remember that building a support network and seeking help when needed is a necessity, which is not always easy or feasible for everyone.

People's circumstances are unique, and finding the right balance between responsibilities and self-care is continuous. Understanding my mom's journey, allows me to gain insights into my own path and make choices that align with my own values and aspirations.

I continue to believe in myself and my abilities, and I trust that my artistic journey will unfold uniquely and meaningfully.

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