Between College and Military

Between College and Military

Choices College or Military.

I discovered my passion for photography despite discouragement from family and community.
Pursuing my career in the arts, although unconventional, is rewarding. It takes perseverance and
courage to go against expectations and traditions.

Transitioning from a BA in Math to a BA in Fine Arts is a particular shift, however, not uncommon to
change ones academic focus after discovering your true passions. Columbia College in Chicago is
known for its strong arts programs and served me well.

Making a living in the arts is challenging, but not impossible. There are various career paths within
photography and the broader arts industry including; commercial photography, fine art photography,
photojournalism, fashion photography, and more. Many photographers also work as freelancers,
taking on projects for clients or selling their artwork. Building a successful career in the arts often
requires dedication, perseverance, and entrepreneurial skills, but it can be a fulfilling and creatively
satisfying journey.

My passion for science and math are also valuable assets in my artistic pursuits. They can influence
my approach to photography, allowing me to bring a unique perspective and technical expertise to
my work.

It is essential to continue honing my skills, networking within the industry, and exploring different
avenues to showcase and sell my art. Building a portfolio, participating in exhibitions, entering
contests, and leveraging online platforms all help me gain exposure and connect with potential
clients or collaborators.

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