Here is the part that people do not talk about

Here is the part that people do not talk about

…here is the part that people do not talk about. 

It is understandable that I faced challenges and made the difficult decision to leave Puerto Rico to
pursue my dreams in the United States. Access to formal education and resources in photography
varies across different regions, and it's not uncommon for individuals to seek opportunities
elsewhere when their specific interests or passions aren't readily available in their home countries or

Learning a new language, such as English, is a significant hurdle when moving to a new country. I
dedicated time and effort to improving my English skills, and even though it’s sometimes still
challenging, my determination continues to help me overcome language barriers.

Cultural and social differences also present challenges when adapting to a new environment. It's
unfortunate that I've had to face discrimination and the need to constantly prove myself based on my
skin color. These experiences can be disheartening, but it's important to remember that I have the
right to pursue my dreams and contribute to society just like anyone else. My talent, hard work, and
perseverance are the factors that ultimately define my success.

It's unfortunate that systemic inequities exist, and marginalized communities often face additional
hurdles in achieving their goals. However, I remain resilient, seek support from like-minded
individuals and organizations, and advocate for change when possible. By focusing on my goals,
continuing to develop my skills, and seeking opportunities to showcase my talent, I work towards
overcoming these challenges and proving my worth on my own terms.

I am not alone in my experiences, and there are communities and networks that can provide support
and guidance. Surrounding myself with positive influences and seeking mentors who have faced
similar challenges are immensely helpful in navigating the artistic industry and overcoming

I stay true to myself, believe in my abilities, and continue to work hard toward my dreams. With
determination, resilience, and a supportive network, I continue to make significant strides in my
artistic career and create a path of success for myself, regardless of the challenges I face along the

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