My 2024 Florida Experience

Most nights I look up at the sky and I’m mesmerized by so many stars. I’m in Florida from January through March staying in Palmdale Florida, the middle nowhere which allow me to escape the heat of the cities. It is amazingly quiet here. A group of artists that I know also stay in the same RV Park. My traveling trailer is 120 Sq feet of living space which is 1/13 of my place back in Chicago. I’ve learned how little I need to be at peace with myself. This was a large sacrifice money-wise to get the trailer, towing it from Indiana to Florida. Learning all of the maintenance is an interesting experience. I’ve watched several You Tube Videos about the RV and did prepare for most things. So far, I had to clean the ac, change propane tanks, change the faucet in the kitchen, replace shower head, lubricate all the windows and it seems every week something minor comes up, but because RV’s are built, the simple things take forever.  Looking back, it had been worth every single penny because of the freedom and peace it gives me. More important I’ll soon be a 57-year-old man and I feel like I am self-reliant and resourceful so I can save those favors that I’ll need for down the road.


One of hard things this year is bad weather. It had been cold and rainy during the weekends. The rain had effected most my art shows making them mostly one day shows which effected my income. Still, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of using the heat during the night because the temperature drops between 35 to 45 degrees. It is an issue because I was not prepared for those temperatures in South Florida. One day I woke at 44 degrees in Naples Florida. It makes you wonder.  


The quality of light this year has not been the best and has not allowed me to capture as many images as in past years. I think I may have total 4 new images as we end February.  I did not get into some of  my favorites art shows, but I have learned that my alternatives were as good as as my first choices. The experience had validate my approach to life, making the best of every day I live and my approach to my photography. 

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