Two questions #3

Two questions #3

Two questions #3


How do you handle failure in an art show?

There are so many variables when the art show occurs that it is impossible to predict when I apply to a show almost a year ahead. 

The simple answer is to move on to the next show. 

This is why I am grateful that my medium, photography, allows me to participate in a show every weekend if I choose to do it. The important thing is to learn or understand why I failed if I did the following: the track record of the event, support in past of the community and having the proper inventory. If I do all this and I fail at the show that just means that it is not my market. I will say that the main reason I failed at the show is because is not my market and that should be the only reason why I should fail. Notice that weather is not an indication of failure because if rains or we have severe weather the show won’t be attended.


What do you expect from an art show?

In simple terms sales. I want an environment that allows me to sell, no loud noises, no weird smells and no fears. I want a layout (hopefully a supermarket layout but for art shows). I want to have equal opportunity to sell as well as the person 100 booths away from me. I do not want to worry if I have a good spot at the show. I should not be worried that I am in a wind tunnel. I do not want to worry about the theft or vandalism. I want to see buyers because, at the end of the show, I want to feel that I did everything in my power to be successful and not blame anyone but myself for my failure.

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