When I pick up the camera

When I pick up the camera

 It's not uncommon for individuals pursuing a passion in the arts, like photography, to face challenges in finding a stable footing in their chosen field. Many artists and photographers go through a period of uncertainty after college as they try to balance their passion with the need to support themselves financially. It's essential to be patient and persistent during this period of exploration. Having multiple sources of income is a common strategy for creatives and freelancers, especially when they are still establishing themselves in their field. Diversifying my income can provide stability while I continue to pursue my passion for photography.

I choose fine art photography as a means to support myself just finding out can indeed be a challenging path. Fine art photography often involves creating unique, artistic pieces that are more subjective in nature, which can make it difficult to reach a broad audience and generate consistent income. However, it can also be incredibly rewarding if I manage to find success and recognition within the art world.

To navigate the challenges of fine art photography I need to define my artistic vision, build a portfolio, search for galleries and art shows that align with my goals, be persistent and patient, embrace online platforms and collaborate and participate in artist communities. This is the first layer that I believe I will have to face. Artists of color face unique challenges and obstacles in the art world, many of which stem from historical and systemic inequalities. Some of the key challenges they may encounter include Representation and Visibility, Stereotypes and Tokenism, Access to Resources, Cultural Appropriation, Bias in Art Market, Exclusion from Art History, Emotional Labor and more. These are the things that cross my mind every time I pick up my camera, when get back home and start editing my images and when I select the images for the art fairs or galleries. 

It's essential to acknowledge and respect my own feelings and experiences. It's okay to have personal conflicts and struggles that influence my art and the subjects I choose to showcase. Art is a powerful medium for self-expression and draws inspiration from our own lives and emotions.

Feeling that creating art that raises social awareness might be too emotionally taxing or overwhelming for the public at this time that I choose to showcase my work as well to me. I need to understand that it's perfectly understandable to focus on other aspects of my work that are more manageable. Each artist has their own unique journey, and I should create what feels authentic and right for me. Art can take many forms, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some artists choose to create thought-provoking pieces that shed light on important social issues, while others focus on personal stories or more abstract concepts. Both approaches have their value in the art world. 

This is one of the things a dear friend reminds every time we talk about photography.

As long as I am true to myself and my creative vision, my work will have significance and resonance with others. It's okay to take time and explore different themes and subjects as my artistic journey continues to evolve. This is why I have several collections. There is no rush, and my voice will continue to develop as I gain new experiences and perspectives. I need to be kind to myself and know that my art is a reflection of my unique perspective, which is valuable in itself.

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