Two Questions #2

Two Questions #2

Where do you get inspiration?


My inspiration is to escape from all the social issues I witness every day. My approach to finding solace and peace through my photography. Seeking calm and serenity in my subjects, particularly in the way water behaves and interacts with its environment, allows me to create a sense of tranquility in my work. I am attuned to the moment and capture what I encounter naturally, without forcing a specific subject. This spontaneous approach can lead to some truly authentic and heartfelt creations. This process leads to different subject matter since I do not know what will catch my attention. It allows the creation of different collections because the lighting and moments are the driving force.


How do you find balance?


A question that is a trap. Every person needs to find a balance between work life and family time. The time that you spend with a loved one is priceless. Family is forced which makes people drive to better places. Life in general is difficult but when you deal with economic, social, exceptions and mental issues it makes it more difficult. 

The truth is a constant battle but the advice given to me is: you only compete against yourself, you make a bit more money every year to keep up with the cost of living increases, you become a better person each year and more important you not get greedy or any of the other 6 sins. 

So my balance is the pursuit of creating art and engaging in art installations not only allows me to express myself creatively but also helps alleviate some financial pressure. Balancing work, family, personal care, and other aspects of life can indeed be a challenge, especially when dealing with various external pressures and difficulties. 

By concentrating on my own progress, I can avoid getting caught up in unhealthy comparisons or greed. It's also significant that I maintain a humble and safe space at home, allowing me to detach from external stresses and concentrate on my family and personal well-being. The historical perspective shows the potential threats of envy and anger reinforce the importance of safeguarding the positive aspects I've built. Remember that finding balance is an ongoing process, and it's unique for each individual. Adapting and refining my approach over time as my circumstances evolve can be key to maintaining that equilibrium between various aspects of my life.

The main thing in balancing your life is looking at the person in the mirror. 

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