"Columns" - Architecture Art

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About the image:

Columns is an open edition image.

The columns on the east section of the Chicago Union Station. It's interesting to learn about the specific location and the lighting conditions during the late afternoon.

Chicago Union Station is a historic transportation hub in downtown Chicago, known for its grand architecture and rich history. The columns I photographed in the east section of the station create visual appeal.

The late afternoon lighting and the way it creates shadows can add depth and dimension to the image. The interplay of light and shadows can accentuate architectural features and create a sense of drama or mood.

The light bouncing from the building east of the station suggests that it serves as an indirect light source, contributing to the overall illumination and shadow patterns. Natural light can have a profound impact on photography, as it can shape the atmosphere and highlight specific details.

Waiting for the bus provided me with an opportunity to observe and capture the scene, appreciating the architectural beauty of the columns and the play of light and shadows. It's moments like these that allow us to discover and appreciate the aesthetic qualities in our surroundings.

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