"At Peace, Pink Lotus" - Botanical Art

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About the image:

At Peace (Pink Lotus) is a limited edition of 250 images.

The encounter with the fully bloomed Lotus in the conservation park had a profound impact on you and triggered a range of emotions related to a car accident I had in June 2016.

Photography has the power to evoke emotions and memories, and it seems that the beauty and symbolism of the Lotus resonated with me at that moment. The Lotus is often associated with concepts such as purity, rebirth, and enlightenment, and its presence may have served as a reminder of the resilience and strength within yourself.

My recollection of sitting in my hotel room, feeling emotionally distraught about the car accident, highlights the difficult and challenging time I went through. Losing my inventory and trailer, which represented my hard work and effort, must have been devastating.

However, as you photographed the Lotus and reflected on my journey, I began to regain a sense of peace and gratitude for being alive and for having the opportunity to continue pursuing your passion. It's inspiring to see how nature and the act of capturing moments through photography can provide solace, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Life is filled with ups and downs, and it's often through these experiences that we grow and find strength. The story serves as a reminder of resilience, gratitude, and the importance of pursuing what brings me joy and fulfillment.

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