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About the image:

Chambers is an open-edition image.

The image focuses on the cannon chambers of El Morro, P.R., showcasing a specific architectural element of the historic fortress. The use of natural light adds a sense of authenticity and preserves the atmosphere of the location. This approach can capture the natural ambiance and enhance the visual impact of the subject.

Using film to capture the image adds a timeless quality to the photograph. Film photography often produces distinct characteristics in terms of color rendition, texture, and overall mood. Additionally, printing the image with a sepia tone further enhances the vintage aesthetic, creating a warm and nostalgic feel.

El Morro is a famous historical site in Puerto Rico, known for its significant role in the island's history and its impressive architecture. By focusing on the cannon chambers, the image highlights a specific aspect of this iconic landmark, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricacies and details within.

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