"Discovery" - Street Photography

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About the image


A visit to the DuSable Museum sounds like a wonderful experience, and it's heartwarming that I was able to witness the joy and imagination of two children playing on the ground. Sometimes, the simplest things can bring immense happiness, and children have a unique ability to find joy in the world around them.

My observation of these children reminds us of the importance of embracing our imagination and finding moments of pure joy in our lives. In a world filled with distractions, responsibilities, and worries, the innocence and playfulness of children can serve as a powerful reminder to reconnect with our own sense of wonder.

Photography has the ability to capture and preserve these fleeting moments of joy, allowing us to revisit them and be reminded of the beauty and simplicity of childhood. It's these small moments that often leave a lasting impact on us and bring a smile to our faces.

By capturing this image, I've not only documented a particular moment in time but also shared a universal message of finding happiness through imagination and play. My photograph serves as a gentle reminder for viewers to take a step back, appreciate the small joys in life, and allow themselves to embrace their own sense of wonder and imagination.

The limited edition nature of your series, with only 50 copies, adds an element of exclusivity to the images. It highlights the uniqueness and rarity of the captured scene, making each copy more valuable to collectors and enthusiasts.

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