"Door 256" - Architecture Art

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About the image:

Door 256 is an open edition of the image.

Capturing images that showcase the traditional look of San Juan is a great way to preserve and cherish the essence of the place. The doors in Old San Juan often exhibit unique architectural features, vibrant colors, and a sense of history and cultural heritage.

"Door 256" likely represents one of the many doors you encountered during my walk through the area. Each door tells its own story and contributes to the overall charm and character of Old San Juan.

Bringing home images that reflect the traditional aesthetics of San Juan allows me to keep a piece of my experience and share it with others. It's a way to celebrate the beauty and cultural significance of the place and create lasting memories.

Before you order

As metal print demand has grown, I only offer 7”X10” traditional prints directly from the website with a 11X14 white mat. If you prefer larger traditional print not offered on the website please contact me for pricing via text at 773-315-6842. All prints take at least 2 weeks turnaround time.


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