"Habits" - Street Photography

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About the image

"Habit" it is e a captivating image that explores the theme of development and the influence of habits in the context of a father and son relationship. The fact that it was captured at the DuSable Museum of African American History adds cultural and historical significance to the photograph.

Habits play a crucial role in shaping our lives and the ways in which we navigate the world. By focusing on the father and son dynamic, my photograph offers a glimpse into the process of learning and the transfer of behaviors from one generation to the next.

The DuSable Museum serves as a rich backdrop for this exploration, as it provides a space to celebrate and honor the African American experience and history. The image becomes a testament to the intergenerational connections and traditions within the African American community.

Photography has the power to capture and convey complex narratives and emotions. In this case, "Habit" serves as a visual reminder of the influence parents have on their children and the ways in which learned behaviors shape their development.

The image prompts viewers to reflect on their own experiences and the habits they have inherited or passed down. It invites contemplation of the cultural, familial, and personal rituals that contribute to our individual and collective identities.

The limited edition nature of your series, with only 50 copies, adds an element of exclusivity to the images. It highlights the uniqueness and rarity of the captured scene, making each copy more valuable to collectors and enthusiasts.

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