"Please Help for My Eyes, Please!" - Street Photography

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About the image

"My eyes please" it is a poignant and impactful image capturing a moment of hardship and vulnerability. The limited edition nature of the photograph, with only 50 copies available, adds an element of exclusivity and rarity to the image.

The Taste of Chicago is known for bringing joy and celebration to the city, but your observation of a man asking for donations for an eye operation highlights the harsh realities that exist alongside the festivities. It's disheartening to witness someone facing such challenges, particularly when their health is at stake.

The image I captured, with the man using his hand to find the coin and still spinning on the sidewalk, portrays a raw and honest depiction of the struggle he faces.

Photography has the power to shed light on important social issues, and my photograph serves as a reminder of the hardships that some individuals endure.

By sharing this image, I prompt viewers to reflect on the disparities and hardships that exist within society, even in the midst of joyous events. It invites us to consider our roles as compassionate individuals and to take action or support initiatives that can help those in need.

Before you order

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